17th April 2019

Yuyu is one of the casts for this powerful and timely thriller about a dedicated American photojournalist who, when accusations of fake news are levelled against him, tries to reclaim his credibility by setting out to find the subject of his most famous picture – the Tank Man of Tiananmen Square.

Chimerica is based on Lucy Kirkwood’s eponymous acclaimed, Olivier Award-winning stageplay. Directed by Michael Keillor (Strike, Line of Duty).


27th May, 2018

Yuyu has been rehearsing at National Theatre for the play Julie since the end of April. The previews will start from 31st May and opening night is on 7th June. 

It's been an incredible experience working alongside the director Carrie Cracknell and amount all other talented casts. 


15th January 2018

It's a new year and a new start. Yuyu is delighted that she is now with new agency - Beresford Management and she is very exciting to start a new journey with them.


Starts from 27th November 2017

Chinese Burn (pictured above) smashes all the stereotypes and with a round-house kick, busts opens the door to the messy, hilarious, unbridled reality putting an eastern twist on the western world.
This brand new BBC Three sitcom follows the escapades of three ‘normal’ Chinese girls - Elizabeth the failed Chinese daughter, Jackie the feisty struggling actress and Fufu the Buddhist princess, fresh off the plane - as they negotiate the trials of modern life in the capital. From sex to relationships, failing careers to just about paying rent, getting drunk to getting in fights – they’re visitors from a scary superpower and they’re taking over London.


"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"

Vincent Van Gogh

Be Like Water

London, UK

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